Sublimated Ice Hockey and Roller Hockey Uniforms

Every hockey team that wants to be taken seriously has thought about their image. What do competitors think of them even before they start playing? What do fans and onlookers think of them from their seats? A lot of teams worry about not looking professional enough, and for those teams, we’ve created our amazing line of high-quality sublimated hockey uniforms.

These sublimated hockey uniforms are a staple for teams aspiring to rise in the local leagues. While you may think that only the playing skills are put to test, you would be wrong. Of course, teams who play incredibly well already have a leg up over those that are equally as passionate but less coordinated. And this is where sublimated hockey uniforms come in. Invest in team-coordinated uniforms and you will be taken a lot more seriously than you were before.

You may be asking yourself, “Why would I ever need a sublimated hockey uniform?” And that’s a very valid question! There are several reasons why, actually...

The first is that it gives your team a confidence booster. Even just wearing the same outfit as the rest of the team is bound to make your players feel like they’re really a part of something important. Similarly, fans and onlookers on their seats are given the idea that your team works perfectly well together. It’s not just about seeing if the team can pass the puck around without losing control of it. It’s also about seeing all the players coordinating passes while all wearing uniforms of the same color, design, and all with the same logo.

Secondly, it intimidates the other team and makes them see you as a team to respect and fear. After all, you are all wearing professional-looking uniforms, what more could put your competition on their tiptoes before the game is even started?

Lastly, our sublimated hockey uniforms are incredibly comfortable. The material is light-weight, the fabric is soft and nice on the skin, and it lets your skin breathe well. This ensures that even after a super important game where the players gave their very best on the rink they won’t feel uncomfortable and that their skin won’t chafe against the jersey or pants.

If you want to combine looks with comfortability and with affordability, there is only one place to turn to for your sublimated hockey uniforms: Affordable Uniforms Online. No matter what design or color you want in those uniforms, we will do everything possible to make your vision come through. Soon, you’ll be holding a one-of-a-kind batch of hockey uniforms and won’t want to go back to the days when every player wore whatever they had lying around!

All full dye sublimated product order require that you have provide or have approved artwork on file for the creation of each garment your are ordering. Click on any of the product image boxes below to learn more about the art requirments and how to place your art order now.  One of our designer will the contact you directly to discuss your order and find out more information to help us create the perfect sublimated look just for you.

Place your custom artwork order by clicking on any of the sublimated uniform  styles shown below! 

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AUO Sublimated fabric options



All full dye sublimated garments produced at AUO are hand made and produced by professional seamstresses to the specifications listed on our size charts.  However we cannot guarantee that all dye sublimated garments will sew with 100% accuracy to those specifications.  The specs are a guideline which we strive to meet on each product.  We DO NOT replace any garments that meet these specification within a ratio of 3.5% or less.  

Dye sublimated apparel is a custom product created by utilzing our standard color chart.  All apparel is made by the process of trasfering artwork images onto  the fabric and then the garments are cut and sewn.  If  specifc colors are to be utilized when creating your garments it is the responsibility of the customer to provide the desired PMS color code and state the color specification in writing before we start creating your artwork.  Computer monitors and printer vary in how they reproduce the colors of images and artwork.  AUO cannot guarantee that the finished product will be a 100% match unless PMS color codes are utilized.  We DO NOT replace any garments for slight varations in the shade of a color(s) that were not designed using specific PMS color codes.  Additonal charges apply for PMS color matching.