AUO-CONSTRUCTION WORKERProtect your workers by following the ANSI standard for high visibility clothing.  

Do your employees work near vehicular traffic?  If they do, then they must wear high-visibility clothing so that they can be seen by motorists.

Examples of workers in class I category... Non roadway application where visablity is required.  Includes workers directing vehicles to parking locations, workers retrieving shopping carts, those exposed to the hazards of warehouse equipment traffic, and sidewalk maintenance workers.  Vehicle and equipment speeds of less than 25 mph / non road applications.

Examples of workers in class II category... Includes railway, utility, and road construction workers, forestry operations, ship cargo loading, trash collection/recycling operations, school crossing guards, high volume parking and gate personnel, airport baggage handlers, law enforcement and emergency response, accident site investigators, and survey crews.  Vehicle and eqipment speeds of 25-50 mph.

Examples of works in class III category... High risk situations that include roadway construction personnel, utility workers, survey crews, and emergency response personnel.  Vehicle speeds exceed 50 mph.