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  1. NFL Started in January 2021

    NFL playoff is just right around the corner started from9 January 2021.

    The National football League (NFL) playoffs will kick off with the wild card round on January 9th and 10th. This will feature three games from both conferences, for a total of six games over the weekend.

    This year NFL becomes more exciting, because this year features with more teams, more games, and more excitement. The league’s new playoff format expands the team from 12 to 14 teams (seven from each conference).

    Which means there will now be six games on Wild-Card weekend–that’s two extra playoff games!


    Saturday, Jan 9, 2021


    Time (ET) / TV


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  2. National Vintage Baseball Tournament Hosted in Clermont County

    National Vintage Baseball Tournament Hosted in Clermont County

    County Convention and Visitors Bureau, looks ahead to the positive impact this event will have from the county describing,"The National Showcase of Vintage Base Ball provides a huge array of traffic into the county, a huge majority who've not been to the region before. Team members and their households will be prepared to explore our regional attractions, restaurants, and shopping in our specialty shops. We're equally thrilled to sponsor them."

    Monarchs BBC, both regional nightclubs to Clermont County, will handle the 2021 National Showcase.

    Ball along with the 2021 National Showcase Few differences from heritage baseball now, such as an underhand throw into the batter, or"striker," exactly the exact same way a basketball player provides a jump ball to start play. There'll be no fences as foundation ball is largely played in areas and green spaces, so unlike the

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  3. Jersey Printing Techniques — Pros and Cons

    Jersey Printing Techniques — Pros and Cons


    If you’ve ever envied someone you saw at a stadium for wearing a custom-made jersey, you might have wondered how they got it. How was the design made? How did the ink stick to the fabric? How can you get one just for you? In this article, we’ll be going over the most frequent jersey printing techniques and comparing them to see what are their pros and cons. At the end of this, you’ll hopefully be able to know where you can get a cool jersey that will make you stand out and what technique to opt for.

    Nowadays, getting shirts printed is incredibly easy and not as expensive as it was once in the past. Most people already have at least one item of clothing in their wardrob

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  4. NBA Playoff: Semi-Final Overview and Final Info

    The NBA Playoffs have been keeping basketball fans at the edge of their seats. Fans had everything: a competitive season, an exhilarating first round, and a nerve-wracking conference semi-final that has just ended. There is only one more round before the ultimate winner is announced, and the nerves are starting to pile up. In this round, we’ll find out who will be the conference finalist and who will be fighting for the title of NBA champion!

    In this article, we’ll cover what happened in the conference semi-finals. You’ll be up to speed with results and some highlights, in case you haven’t been watching the games. Then, we’ll give you all the information you need to know about the conference finals. Who will be playing? When will the matches take place? You can find out by reading the full article.

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  5. 2018 NBA Playoff Conference Semifinals: Catch-up and all you need to know

    2018 NBA Playoff Conference Semifinals: Catch-up and all you need to know

    This has been a crazy season so far, and the first round of the NBA Playoffs did not disappoint one bit. The teams played to the best of their abilities and brought to the court emotion and exciting moments to our screens. They kept us at the edge of our seats for the whole first round and the second round promises to be even better!
    In this article, we’ll give you all the information you need to know about the second round, also known as the conference semifinals. We’ll also fill you in on the details of what went on in the first round for each conference and highlight some moments that truly stuck out. Buckle up because this article will take you on a ride!

    Who will play the 2018 NBA

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