Don't get stuck wearing  a uniform or shirt that is old and out dated.  If you're looking for a professional graphic designer for garment printing, we’ve got you covered. At Affordable Uniforms we know custom shirts like the back of our hand, and we definately know custom graphic design! We're ready to create a hot, new exciting look just for you. Our talented designers have years of experience and will enjoy working with you to achieve the image and look that you've been searching for. Our designing process is from the custom made perspective, meaning we design it according to what you like in colors, print locations, dimensions and more. 

AUO Custom Graphic Design Services


Each of our design services comes with the following:

An initial appointment to brainstorm ideas via phone and email to get a foundation to start from.

One Mock-Up layout and revisiion if required.

Finalization and Transferring of Art-work via e-mail. 


Since 2008 we've designed and created thousands of images for teams, schools, leagues, clubs, organizations, churches, non-profit organizations, and companies big and small all over the US.    

The cost for your design will depend on the level of work required to finalize the project. In order to provide an accurate estimate, please contact our customer service department directly at 602.730.7252 or email us at If you have an existing design that you want to change or modify, it may only require small changes. If we need to start from scratch or do a complete re-design, it will take a larger amount of time for the completion of your project. Please contact or office to discuss how we can assist you. At Affordable Uniforms Online graphic design service go hand in hand with custom apparel.  

Custom Designs Created For

School Spirit Wear         Athletic Uniforms         Coaches Shirts         School Uniforms

Work Wear           Medical Scrubs           Custom T-Shirts

Custom Hoodies     High Visability Apparel

Custom Spirit Wear