Dazzle & Bling Rhinestone Shirts

Get ready to add some sparkle, pizzazz, sizzle and splash to your apparel with our rhinestone and stud decoration. All of our shirts can be decorated with Genuine Swarovski® Rhinestone Crystals. These rhinestones offer excellent cut, brilliance, and a very wide range of colors to chose from. Swarovski® rhinestones are made of lead crystal, and they are the rhinestones of choice due to their brilliance and unmatched light reflectivity!  You can take a look at our design templates and chose from an existing standard deisgn, or we can custom design a new rhinestone shrit specifically for you, so let your imagination run wild and let's break out the "bling".  

Rhinestone designs are great way to decorate t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, polo shirts, jackets, and caps.  Show off your style with your new baseball mom rhinestone t-shirt design, or let everyone know its your daughter that loves cheer or dance.  If one of our existing designs doesn't quite match what you have in mind, our talented design team can create a custom rhinestone shirt specifically for you.  We have a low minimum order requirement of six pieces for custom rhinestone design shirts.  




          AUO RHINESTONE DESIGNS                       AUO RHINESTONE DESIGNS                  


Rhinestone shirts are great for…

Bridal shirts, Birthday shirts, & Maternity shirts

Custom shirt designs & personalized shirts

Holidays shirts for Halloween, Valentines Day, Christmas, or New Years

Racing clothing & sports apparel

Bags & hats


When your ready to add sparkle to your look, Affordable Uniforms Online will provide you with quality rhinestone apparel, reasonable prices, and great customer service. At Affordable Uniform we make custom happen.   Send us your art work or give us a call to discuss the best way to decorate your garments and how much it will cost.You can reach customer service at 602.730.7252 or email us at info@affordableuniformsonline.com