2017 Basketball Summer Camps

Each of these links will lead to summer basketball camps that have been scheduled for 2017.
(Camps included have a 2017 schedule and prices posted so you won't waste time going to sites that have no summer 2017 information.) You may use these links to locate camps and register for them.

Affordable Uniforms has no affiliation whatsoever with the organizations and companies that run these camps and Affordable Uniforms does not support or recommend any of these listed camps. This list was compiled using simple internet search and suggestions from our customers. This is not a complete list of all basketball camps nationwide. If you have a basketball camp that you would like listed, please post the camp information on the Affordable Uniforms facebook page.



Alabama: ASU Freda Freeman Jackson D-1 Girls Basketball Camp

Alabama: ASU Lewis Jackson Boys Basketball Camp

Alabama: BSC Boys Basketball Camps

Alabama: BSC Girls Basketball Camps

Alabama: Breakthrough Basketball Camp

Alabama: Nike Basketball Camps In Alabama


Alaska: NBC Camps Basketball Camp

Alaska: NBC Camps Basketball Camps


Arizona: NBC Camps Basketball Camp

Arizona: Advantage Ball Handling and Basketball Shooting Camps

Arizona: Breakthrough Basketball Camp

Arizona: Nike Basketball Camps In Arizona


Arkansas: Corliss Williamson's Basketball Camps

Arkansas: Nike Basketball Camp in Little Rock

Arkansas: Arkansas Tech University Boys Basketball Camps

Arkansas: Arkansas Tech Girl's Basketball Camps

Arkansas: Arkansas Razorbacks Boy's Basketball Camps

Arkansas: North Arkansas College Boys Basketball Camps

Arkansas: Josh Newman Elite Basketball Camp

Arkansas: Joe Foley Girl's Basketball Camps

Arkansas: Breakthrough Basketball Camp

Arkansas: Nike Basketball Camps In Arkansas


California: Creighton Girls Basketball Camps

California: NBC Camps Basketball Camp

California: Advantage Ball Handling and Basketball Shooting Camps

California: Bronco's Boys Basketball Camps

California: Highlander Boys Basketball Camps at UC Riverside

California: Long Beach State Boys Basketball Camps

California: Long BeachState Girls Basketball Camps

California: Long Beach State Girls Basketball Camps

California: Sacramento State Girl's Basketball Camps

California: San Diego State Steve Fisher Basketball Camp (Boys)

California: UC Davis (Run by Men's Dept.) Basketball Camps

California: UC Davis Girls Basketball Camps

California: UC Irvine Boys Basketball Camps

California: UC Irvine Girls Basketball Camps

California: UC Riverside Girls Basketball Camps

California: University of California Boys Basketball Camps

California: University of California Girls Basketball Camps

California: University of San Diego Boys Basketball Camps

California: University of San Diego Girls Basketball Camps

California: USF Boys Basketball Camps

California: USF Girls Basketball Camps

California: Breakthrough Basketball Camp

California: Chuck Hayes Basketball Camp

California: Nike Basketball Camps In California

California: Snow Valley Basketball Schools


Colorado: NBC Camps Basketball Camp

Colorado: Colorado Academy Basketball Camps

Colorado: Advantage Ball Handling and Basketball Shooting Camps

Colorado: Dawson School Basketball Camps

Colorado: U.S. Air Force Academy Boys Basketball Camp

Colorado: U.S. Air Force Academy Girls Basketball Elite Camp

Colorado: Breakthrough Basketball Camp


Connecticut: Coach Art Leary's Slamma-Jamma Basketball Camps

Connecticut: Hartford Hawks Girls Basketball Camps

Connecticut: Camp Wah'Nee I Basketball Camps

Connecticut: Yale Boys Basketball Camps

Connecticut: University of Connecticut Kevin Ollie Basketball Camps

Connecticut: Connecticut Cobras Girls AAU Basketball Camps

Connecticut: Brunswick Basketball Camps

Connecticut: Harlem Wizards Camp

Connecticut: Seth Greenberg BB Camp

Connecticut: Middle School BB Camp

Connecticut: Chelsea Piers Connecticut

Connecticut: Breakthrough Basketball Camp

Connecticut: Rebecca Lobo Girls Basketball Camp

Connecticut: Seth Greenberg Basketball Camp

Connecticut: Harlem Wizards Basketball Camp

Connecticut: Nike Basketball Camps in Connecticut


Delaware: Tina Martin Basketball Camps at UD (Girls Basketball)

Delaware: Goldey-Beacom College Boys Basketball Camps

Delaware: Goldey-Beacom College Girls Basketball Camp

Delaware: Wilmington Quakers Boys Basketball Camps

Delaware: Wilmington Quakers Girls Basketball Camps

Delaware: Wesley College Boy's Basketball Camps

Delaware: The Monte' Ross Basketball Camp for Boys

Delaware: Breakthrough Basketball Camp

Delaware: Nike Basketball Camp St. Georges Technical High School


Florida: Advantage Ball Handling and Basketball Shooting Camps

Florida: Stetson Boys Basketball Camps

Florida: Stetson Girls Basketball Camps

Florida: Breakthrough Basketball Camp

Florida: Nike Basketball Camps In Florida


Georgia: Advantage Ball Handling and Basketball Shooting Camps

Georgia: Emory Boys Basketball Camps

Georgia: Emory Girls Basketball Camps

Georgia: Georgia Southern Charlton ?C.Y.? Young Basketball Camps

Georgia: Breakthrough Basketball Camp

Georgia: Nike Basketball Camps in Georgia


Hawaii: NBC Basketball Camps

Hawaii: Nike Basketball Camps In Hawaii


Idaho: Boise State Boys Basketball Camps

Idaho: Boise State Girls Basketball Camps

Idaho: NBC Camps Basketball Camp


Illinois: Illinois State Boys Basketball Camps

Illinois: Illinois State Girls Basketball Camps

Illinois: Advantage Ball Handling and Basketball Shooting Camps

Illinois: Bill Carmody Basketball Camp

Illinois: Chicago Bulls Basketball Camps

Illinois: JD Gravina Girls Basketball Camp

Illinois: Jim Molinari Basketball Camps

Illinois: Northwestern Basketball Camp

Illinois: University of Illinois Boys Basketball Camps

Illinois: Universityof Illinois Girls Basketball Camps

Illinois: Breakthrough Basketball Camp


Illinois: Nike Basketball Camps In Illinois

Illinois: Doug Bruno Girls Basketball Camp


Indiana: Indiana Hoosiers Basketball Camps

Indiana: Butler Athletics Basketball Camps

Indiana: Notre Dame Boys Basketball Camps

Indiana: Notre Dame Co-Ed Basketball Day Camps

Indiana: Notre Dame Girls Basketball Camps

Indiana: Breakthrough Basketball Camp

Indiana: Basketball Ball Skills Clinic 2016

Indiana: Nike Basketball Camps In Indiana

Indiana: McCracken Basketball Camps In Indiana


Iowa: University of Northern Iowa Boys Basketball Camps

Iowa: Advantage Ball Handling and Basketball Shooting Camps

Iowa: Cornell University Basketball Camps

Iowa: Northwestern College Boys Basketball Camp

Iowa: Northwestern College Girls Basketball Camps

Iowa: Breakthrough Basketball Camp

Iowa: Nike Basketball Camps In Iowa


Kansas: Advantage Ball Handling and Basketball Shooting Camps

Kansas: Bill Self Basketball Camp

Kansas: Bishop Ward Basketball Camp

Kansas: Bonnie Ball.com University of Kansas Girls' Basketball Camps

Kansas: Fundamentally Driven basketball Camps

Kansas: Ottawa University Yes I Can Co-Ed Basketball Camp

Kansas: WSI Jody Adams Shocker Girl's Basketball Camps

Kansas: Breakthrough Basketball Camp


Kentucky: University of Kentucky John Calipari 2012 Basketball Camps

Kentucky: Advantage Ball Handling and Basketball Shooting Camps

Kentucky: Lady Cards Girls Basketball Camps

Kentucky: Breakthrough Basketball Camp

Kentucky: Nike Basketball Camps In Kentucky


Louisiana: LSU Boys Basketball Camps

Louisiana: LSU Nikki Caldwell Basketball Camps

Louisiana: Advantage Ball Handling and Basketball Shooting Camps

Louisiana: Tulane Basketball Camps

Louisiana: Breakthrough Basketball Camp

Louisiana: Nike Basketball Camps In Louisiana


Maine: Colby College Boys Basketball Camp

Maine: Colby College Co-Ed Basketball Camp

Maine: Colby College Girls Basketball Camp

Maine: All-Star Basketball Camp

Maine: Husson University Basketball Camps

Maine: UMaine Boy's Basketball Camp

Maine: UMaine Girl's Basketball Camp

Maine: University of Southern Maine SWISH Basketball Camps

Maine: Nike Basketball Camp Southern Maine Community College


Maryland: Bar-T Mountainside Basketball Camp

Maryland: Mark Turgeon Basketball Camps

Maryland: Maryland Girls Basketball Camp

Maryland: Rockville Sports Plex Basketball Camps

Maryland: Breakthrough Basketball Camp

Maryland: Nike Basketball Camps In Maryland


Massachusetts: Belmont Hill School Boys' Basketball Camp

Massachusetts: Holy Cross Basketball Camp

Massachusetts: Belmont Hill School Girls' Basketball Camp

Massachusetts: Breakthrough Basketball Camp

Massachusetts: Nike Basketball Camps In Massachusetts


Michigan: Michigan State University Girls Basketball Camp

Michigan: Saginaw Valley State University Boys Basketball Camps

Michigan: Kevin Borseth's Michigan Girls Basketball Camps

Michigan: John Beilen Boys Basketball Camps

Michigan: Saginaw Valley State University Girls Basketball Camps

Michigan: Central Michigan University Boys Basketball Camps

Michigan: Central Michigan University Girls Basketball Camps

Michigan: University of Oakland Basketball Camps

Michigan: Breakthrough Basketball Camp

Michigan: Nike Basketball Camp Franklin Athletic Club

Michigan: McCracken Basketball Camps In Michigan

Michigan: Triple C Basketball Camps


Minnesota: Collegeof St. Benedict Basketball Camps

Minnesota: University of Minnesota Bulldogs Boys Basketball Camps

Minnesota: University of Minnesota Bulldogs Girls Basketball Camps

Minnesota: Bethel Boys Basketball Camps

Minnesota: Bethel Girls Basketball Camps

Minnesota: Tubby Smith Basketball Camps

Minnesota: University of Saint Thomas Girls Basketball Camps

Minnesota: University of Saint Thomas Johnny Tauer's Basketball Camp

Minnesota: St.Cloud University Basketball Camp

Minnesota: Breakthrough Basketball Camp

Minnesota: Nike Basketball Camps In Minnesota


Mississippi: Mississippi College Basketball Camps

Mississippi: Mississippi State Boys Basketball Camps

Mississippi: Mississippi State Boys Basketball Camps

Mississippi: Northeast Mississippi Community College Boy's Basketball Camps

Mississippi: Northeast Mississippi Community College Lady Tiger Basketball Camp

Mississippi: Ole Miss Girls Basketball Camps

Mississippi: Steve Knight Individual Player Basketball Development Camp

Mississippi: Steve Knight Summer Basketball Team Camp

Mississippi: Southern Miss Girls Basketball Camps

Mississippi: Southern Miss Guard/Post Basketball Camps

Mississippi: Southern Miss Individual Basketball Camp

Mississippi: Breakthrough Basketball Camp

Mississippi: Nike Boys Basketball Camp Northpoint Christian School


Missouri: Advantage Ball Handling and Basketball Shooting Camps

Missouri: Missouri State Lady Basketball Camps

Missouri: Missouri State Paul Lusk Basketball Camps

Missouri: Mizzou Tigers Boys Basketball Camps

Missouri: Mizzou Tigers Girls Basketball Camps

Missouri: Southeast Missouri State Boys Basketball Camps

Missouri: Southeast MissouriState Girls Basketball Camps

Missouri: U of Central Missouri Mules Basketball Camps

Missouri: U of Central Missouri Mules Girl's Basketball Camps

Missouri: Breakthrough Basketball Camp

Missouri: Nike Basketball Camps In Missouri

Multiple Areas:

Multiple Areas: Nike Basketball Camps

Multiple Areas: US Sports Institute Basketball Camp


Montana: NBC Camps Basketball Camp

Montana: University of Montana Boys Basketball Camps

Montana: University of Montana Girls Basketball Camps

Montana: Montana State University Billings Basketball Camps


Nebraska: Nebraska Girl's Basketball Camps

Nebraska: Tim Miles Basketball Camps

Nebraska: Northeast Community College Hawks Basketball Camps

Nebraska: NWU Boy's Basketball Camps

Nebraska: NWU Girl's Basketball Camps

Nebraska: Concordia Bulldogs Girl's Basketball Camps

Nebraska: University of Nebraska Omaha Basketball Camps

Nebraska: Breakthrough Basketball Camp

Nebraska: Nike Boys Basketball Camp Nebraska Wesleyan University


Nevada: Advantage Ball Handling and Basketball Shooting Camps

Nevada: Lady Rebel Basketball Camps

Nevada: UNLV Basketball Camp

Nevada: Nike Boys Basketball Camp College Prep

Nevada: Wolf Pack Girl's Basketball Camps

Nevada: Breakthrough Basketball Camp

Nevada: Nike Basketball Camps In Nevada

New Hampshire:

New Hampshire: Coach Hogan's 6th Annual Rip City Basketball Camp

New Hampshire: UNH Wildcats Basketball Camps

New Hampshire: 32nd Annual New Hampshire All Star Basketball School Camps

New Hampshire: Matt Bonner Basketball Camps

New Hampshire: Blue Devils Basketball Camps for Boys and Girls

New Hampshire: Salem Basketball Camp

New Hampshire: Southern New Hampshire University Girl's Basketball Camps

New Hampshire: Nike Basketball Camps In New Hampshire

New Jersey:

New Jersey: 2012 Tommy Dempsey Net Results Boys Basketball Camp

New Jersey: Anne Donovan Basketball Camps for Girls

New Jersey: Seton Hall Kevin Willard Basketball Camp for Boys

New Jersey: Professional Sports Camps Basketball Camps

New Jersey: SMG SportsPlex Basketball Camps

New Jersey: Breakthrough Basketball Camp

New Jersey: Nike Basketball Camps In New Jersey

New Mexico:

New Mexico: 2012 Steve Alford Basketball Camps

New Mexico: Yvonne Sanchez Basketball Camps

New Mexico: Advantage Ball Handling and Basketball Shooting Camps

New Mexico: Breakthrough Basketball Camp

New York:

New York: Cornell University Sports School Basketball Camps

New York: Advantage Ball Handling and Basketball Shooting Camps

New York: Future Stars Basketball Camp

New York: Hartwick Basketball Camps (Need to Apply)

New York: Kids of Summer Sports Basketball Summer Camp

New York: Niagara University Basketball Camps for Boys and Girls

New York: Stony Brook University Boys Basketball Camps

New York: Stony Brook University Girls Basketball Camps

New York: Breakthrough Basketball Camp

New York: Nike Basketball Camps In New York

North Carolina:

North Carolina: Catawba College Girls Basketball Team Camp

North Carolina: East Carolina Boy's Basketball Camps

North Carolina: East Carolina Girl's Basketball Camps

North Carolina: NBC Camps Basketball Camp

North Carolina: North Carolina Girls Summer Basketball Camps

North Carolina: North Carolina State (Boys) Mark Gottfried Basketball Camps

North Carolina: Alan Major Basketball Camps

North Carolina: Appalachian State University College Prep Basketball Camps

North Carolina: North Carolina State Girls Basketball Camps

North Carolina: Wake Forest University Basketball Camps

North Carolina: Western Carolina Boys Basketball Camps

North Carolina: Western Carolina Karen Middleton Basketball Camps for Girls

North Carolina: Breakthrough Basketball Camp

North Carolina: Nike Basketball Camps In North Carolina

North Carolina: Tahnee's Kids Basketball Skills Camp

North Dakota:

North Dakota: University of North Dakota Basketball Camps

North Dakota: North Dakota State Boys Basketball Camps

North Dakota: North Dakota State Girls Basketball Camps

North Dakota: University of North Dakota Boys Basketball Camps

North Dakota: University of North Dakota Girls Basketball Camps

North Dakota: Nike Boys Basketball Camp Courts Plus Community Fitness


Ohio: University of Akron Basketball Camps

Ohio: Ohio Wesleyan University Boys Basketball Camp

Ohio: Ohio Wesleyan University Girls Basketball Camp

Ohio: Billy Donlon Basketball Camps

Ohio: Miami University Boys Basketball Camps

Ohio: Miami University Girl's Basketball Camps

Ohio: University of Toledo Boys' and Girls' Basketball Camps

Ohio: Breakthrough Basketball Camp

Ohio: Wright State University Girls Basketball Camps

Ohio: Nike Basketball Camps In Ohio

Ohio: McCracken Basketball Day Camp At Mclaughlin Athletic Center


Oklahoma: 2012 Matilda Mossman Basketball Camp

Oklahoma: Oklahoma State University Cowgirl Girls' Basketball Camps

Oklahoma: Oklahoma State University Travis Ford Boys' Basketball Camp

Oklahoma: Advantage Ball Handling and Basketball Shooting Camps

Oklahoma: Oklahoma Baptist Bison Boys Basketball Camps

Oklahoma: Oklahoma Baptist Bison Girls Basketball Camps

Oklahoma: Southeastern OklahomaState Basketball Camps

Oklahoma: OU Basketball Camps

Oklahoma: Nike Basketball Camps in Oklahoma


Oregon: Concordia University Basketball Camp

Oregon: NBC Camps Basketball Camp

Oregon: Advantage Ball Handling and Basketball Shooting Camps

Oregon: Pacific University Oregon Basketball Camp

Oregon: University of Oregon Boys Basketball Camps

Oregon: University of Oregon Girls Basketball Camps

Oregon: Breakthrough Basketball Camp

Oregon: Nike Basketball Camps In Oregon


Pennsylvania: United Sports Basketball Camps

Pennsylvania: Villanova Boys Basketball Camps

Pennsylvania: Villanova Girls Basketball Camps

Pennsylvania: The 422 SportsPlex Basketball Camp

Pennsylvania: Westminster College Basketball Camps

Pennsylvania: Sixers Basketball Camps

Pennsylvania: Breakthrough Basketball Camp

Pennsylvania: Nike Basketball Camps In Pennsylvania

Rhode Island:

Rhode Island: Bryant University Boys Basketball Camps

Rhode Island: Bryant University Girls Basketball Camps

Rhode Island: Burr Basketball Camps at Brown University

Rhode Island: Coach Inglese Basketball Camps

Rhode Island: Community College of Rhode Island Basketball Camp

Rhode Island: Providence College Basketball Camps

South Carolina:

South Carolina: Advantage Ball Handling and Basketball Shooting Camps

South Carolina: Jeff Jackson Basketball Camps


South Carolina: Jackie Carson Basketball Camps

South Carolina: Brad Brownell Basketball Camps (Clemson U)

South Carolina: Clemson Lady Tigers 2012 Summer Basketball Camps

South Carolina: Nike Basketball Camps In South Carolina

South Dakota:

South Dakota: Dakota Wesleyan University Boy's Basketball Camps

South Dakota: Dakota Wesleyan University Girl's Basketball Camps

South Dakota: DSU Boys Basketball Camps

South Dakota: DSU Girls Basketball Camps

South Dakota: Sioux Falls Christian Basketball Camps

South Dakota: South Dakota State University Boys Basketball Camps

South Dakota: South Dakota State University Girl's Basketball Camps

South Dakota: University of South Dakota Basketball Camps

South Dakota: Breakthrough Basketball Camp


Tennessee: Cumberland University Basketball Camps

Tennessee: Lipscomb University Basketball Camps

Tennessee: University of Tennessee Basketball Camp

Tennessee: Nike Basketball Camp in Nashville

Tennessee: Kermit Davis Basketball Team Camp

Tennessee: Kermit Davis Basketball Camp (Individuals)

Tennessee: University of Tennessee Basketball Camps

Tennessee: East Tennessee Sports Complex Basketball Camps

Tennessee: Tennessee State Basketball Camp for Boys