2017 Summer Cheer Camps

Each of these links will lead to summer cheerleading camps that have been scheduled for 2017.  Affordable Uniforms has no affiliation whatsoever with the organizations and companies that run these camps and Affordable Uniforms does not support or recommend any of these listed camps. This list was compiled using simple internet search and suggestions from our customers. This is not a complete list of all cheerleading camps nationwide. If you have a cheerleading camp that you would like listed, please post the camp information on the Affordable Uniforms Facebook page.


Alabama: Crimson Tide Cheerleading/Mascot/Dance Camp

Alabama: College Spirit Camp at University of Alabama

Alabama: Ace All-Stars Skills Camp

Alabama: Cheer Authority Kids Camp

Alabama: Mini-Cheer Camp Hosted by Onyx Senior All-Star Team

Alabama: Saint James UMC Cheer Camp

Alabama: Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders Cheer Camp at Briarwood Christian School


Arizona: USA Cheerleading Camps

Arizona: FCC Cheer Camp at Northwest Christian

Arizona: Cheer with Aloha Cheerleading Camp

Arizona: Cheer Camps at Arizona All-Stars Cheer

Arizona: Arizona Prestige Gymnastics & Cheer Summer Camps

Arizona: Desert Storm Elite Cheer Camps

Arizona: Peoria Cheerz Summer Cheer and Dance Camp

Arizona: ALA Coyotes Summer Cheer Camp


Arkansas UCA Camp at Embassy Suites

Arkansas: Maumelle Gymnastics & Cheer Camps

Arkansas: Central Arkansas Cheer Camps

Arkansas: Upward Sports Cheerleading Camp at Agape Church

Arkansas: B2 Cheer Camps


California: USA Cheerleading Camps

California: American Dance Training Camps

California: FCC Cheer Camps

California: Woodward Cheer Camps

California: The Spirit Consultants Cheerleading & Dance Camps

California: Jamz Cheer Camp Events

California: CheerGyms.com Cheer Camps

California: US Spiritleaders Summer Camp

California: Lead Cheerleading Camp

California: Christian Cheerleaders of America Summer Camp

California: Morgan Hill Summer Cheer Camp

California: Sharp International Camp of Champs


Colorado: CMU Mavericks Cheerleading Camps

Colorado: Dawson School Cheerleading Camps

Colorado: U.S.Air Force Academy Cheerleading Camp

Colorado: FCC Cheer Camps at Belleview Christian School

Colorado: Pikes Peak Cheerleading Camp (Pop Warner)

Colorado: Three Cheers Camps and Clinics

Colorado: Ed McCaffrey Cheerleading Camp

Colorado: Colorado Mesa Cheerleading Camps


Connecticut: UCA College Spirit Camp at Western CT. State

Connecticut: New England Cheerleaders Association Camp at Mitchell College

Connecticut: Sports Plex Gymnastics Camps with Cheerleading

Connecticut: All Stars Gymnastics and Cheering Academy Camps

Connecticut: Champion AllStars Tumbling, Cheering and Stunting Camps

Connecticut: Spirit Zone Cheer Camps

Connecticut: East Celebrity Elite CT Youth Camp

Connecticut: East Celebrity Elite CT High School Camp

Connecticut: Panther Cheerleading Camp


Delaware: Spartan Cheerleading Camp

Delaware: Blue Hens Cheerleading All- Girls Camps

Delaware: Blue Hens Cheerleading Coed Camp

Delaware: M.O.T. Cheerleading & Tumbling Camps

Delaware: Delaware Tech Community College Cheerleading Camp


Florida: Cheer Surge Cheerleading Camps

Florida: FCC Cheer Camps

Florida: Panama City UCA Cheer Camps

Florida: UCF Cheerleading Camps

Florida: Cheer Florida Camps

Florida: Central Florida Youth Football League Cheer Camp

Florida: Cheer Tampa Camps

Florida: Storm All Star Cheerleading Camps

Florida: Infinity Cheerleading Camps

Florida: Top Gun Cheer Camps

Florida: Christian Cheerleaders of America Summer Camp

Florida: Diamond Combine


Georgia: Stinger Spirit Cheerleading Camp at Georgia Tech

Georgia: UCA College Spirit Camp at Jekyll Island Resort

Georgia: University of Georgia Cheer and Dance Clinics

Georgia: FCC Cheer Camps

Georgia: Augusta Cheer Academy Camps

Georgia: Cheer Atlanta Camps

Georgia: Cheer Savannah Camps

Georgia: North Georgia All Stars Gymnastics & Cheer Camp

Georgia: Georgia Southern Team Sideline Skills and Spirit Camp

Georgia: Lassiter Cheerleading Camp

Georgia: Resolute Spirit

Georgia: Middle Georgia Cheer Extreme Summer Cheer Camp

Georgia: House of Divas Cheer & Dance Summer Camp

Georgia: DreamXcellence Elite: Cheer Mania


Hawaii: All Attitude Athletics Cheerleading Camp

Hawaii: Cheer Hawaii USA Camp

Hawaii: Christian Cheerleaders of America Summer Camp


Idaho: USA Cheerleading Camps

Idaho: Idaho Sports Foundation Cheer Camp

Idaho: Boise State University Stnt Clinics

Idaho: CSI High School Cheer Camps


Illinois: Xtreme Spirit's Celebrity Cheer Camp

Illinois: Huntley High School Cheerleaders Camp

Illinois: Nike Basketball Camps In Illinois


Indiana: Bethel College Cheerleading Camp

Indiana: FCC Cheer Camp at Indiana Wesleyan University

Indiana: Christian Cheerleaders of America Summer Camp

Indiana: Lake Central Cheerleading Camp

Indiana: Indiana Spirit Cheer Camps

Indiana: Saint Francis Cheerleading Camps


Iowa: Iowa Gym Nest Cheerleading Camp

Iowa: United All Stars Cheer Camp

Iowa: Iowa Shrine Bowl Football & Cheerleading Mini Camp


Kansas: KU Spirit Camps

Kansas: NCA Cheer Camps throughout Kansas

Kansas: Lynn O'Brien Cheer & Dance Camps

Kansas: K-State Cheer Camps

Kansas: Kansas City Chiefs Spirit Day Clinics

Kansas: All-Star Cheer Camp

Kansas: Wolfpack Cheer Camp Hosted by K-State Cheer Team

Kansas: Russell Youth Football Camp


Kentucky: Paul Lawrence Dunbar Cheer Camp

Kentucky: National Cheerleaders Association


Louisiana: LSU Tiger Cheer Camps

Louisiana: FCC Cheer Camp at Christian Life Academy

Louisiana: Christian Cheerleaders of America Summer Camp

Louisiana: Louisiana Cheer Force Camps

Louisiana: Cheerz Summer Camp

Louisiana: Ascension Cheer Academy Camps

Louisiana: Mid-State Cheer and Tumbling Summer Camp

Louisiana: Southwest Louisiana FCA/UCA Cheer Camp


Maine: Spirit Cheerleading Camp at the U of Maine

Maine: Husson Cheer Camp (NCA)

Maine: Elite Cheer, Stunt & Tumble Camps

Maine: Hawks Cheerleading Camps

Maine: Poland Spirit Cheer Camp

Maine: Spirit Wave Cheer

Maine: Fortier Family Cheer Camp

Maine: Andy Yosinoffs's Cheer & Dance Camps


Maryland: Anne Arundel County Cheer Camp

Maryland: Ocean City Cheerleading Camp

Maryland: AmeriCheer Overnight Cheer Camp at College of Notre Dame

Maryland: Spirit Unlimited Camps

Maryland: Maryland Cheerleading Camp

Maryland: Oh My Cheer

Maryland: CXE Cheer Xpeirence

Maryland: UP Cheer Camp


Massachusetts: New England Cheerleaders Association Camps

Massachusetts: US Gymnastics Cheer Skills Camp

Massachusetts: Andy Yosinoff's Cheer Camps

Massachusetts: Redmen Cheerleading Summer Camp

Massachusetts: BC5 Cheerleading Camp


Michigan: Saginaw Valley State University Cheerleading Camps

Michigan: Michigan Cheer Camps

Michigan: Champion Cheerleading Camp

Michigan: Mid American Pompon Camps

Michigan: Cheer Michigan Camps

Michigan: Victory Cheerleading Camps

Michigan: Michigan Spirit Cheer Camps

Michigan: University of Michigan Coed College Prep Cheer Camp

Michigan: U of Michigan Cheer Camps

Michigan: Michigan Tech Cheer Camp


Mississippi: Co-Lin Cheer Camp

Mississippi: Ole Miss Cheer Camps

Mississippi: FCC Cheer Camp at Belhaven University

Mississippi: Central Mississippi Cheerleading Camps


Missouri: UCA College Spirit Camp at U of Missouri

Missouri: Dance & Cheer Camp with Jacque Hanlon

Missouri: All Star Gymnastics and Cheer Camps

Missouri: Marquette Summer Cheerleading Camps

Missouri: Allstar Gymnastics and Cheer Camp


Montana: Montana State University Billings Cheerleading Camp

Montana: K-State Cheer Camps in Billings

Montana: MSU Cheer and Dance Camps

Montana: UCA Cheer Camp at Univeristy of Montana

Montana: Courage Cheer & Dance United Cheer Camps

Montana: Rocky Mountain College Cheerleading Camp

Multiple Locations:

Multiple Locations: USA Cheerleading Camps

Multiple Locations: Edge Cheer & Dance


Nebraska: Bobcat Cheer Camps

Nebraska: Exceptional Athletics Cheerleading Summer Camp & Performance


Nevada: Sierra Spirit Cheerleading Camps

Nevada: Ignite Cheer Camp

Nevada: University of Las Vegas Cheerleading Camps

Nevada: NVHS Cheer Clinic

Nevada: ASMT Cheer Academy

New Hampshire:

New Hampshire: Bedford Jr. Bulldogs Spirit Camps

New Hampshire: Wildcats Cheer Camp

New Hampshire: Bishop Guertin Summer Cheerleading Camp

New Hampshire: New Hampshire UCA Youth Cheer Camp

New Hampshire: The Football Academy Youth Camp

New Jersey:

New Jersey: Spartans Cheerleading Camp

New Jersey: Xtreme Spirit Celebrity Cheer Camps

New Jersey: Cheer Camp, LLC Camp

New Jersey: Gems Cheer Stars Cheerleading Camp

New Jersey: West Winsor Recreation & Parks Cheerleading Camp

New Jersey: New York Jets Flight Crew Cheerleader Program

New Jersey: Ultimate Cheer & Dance

New Jersey: Ultimate Cheer & Dance

New Jersey: Stellar All Star Summer Camp

New Jersey: World Cup Allstars

New Jersey: Surgent's Elite School of Gymnastics

New Mexico:

New Mexico: Lobo Cheer & Dance Camp

New Mexico: Hope Christian School Cheer Camp

New Mexico: UCA Cheer Camps

New Mexico: Gym Magic Cheer Camp

New Mexico: New Mexico Young America Football and Cheerleading Cheer Camps

New York:

New York: Future Stars Cheerleading Camp

New York: Spotlight Gymnastics Summer Camps

New York: New York Cheer All Stars Summer Camps

New York: Christine A. Nowierski Cheer Camp at Hofstra

New York: Champion Cheerleading Camps

New York: Phelps Community Center Cheer Camp

New York: UCA Cheerleading Camps in New York

New York: Niagara County Community College Cheerleading Camp

New York: CXE Cheer Camp

New York: 5 Star Sports & Entertainment Cheerleading Camp

New York: CNY Cheer Company Summer Camp

New York: Webster Warriors Summer Cheer Camp

New York: jim kelly

North Carolina:

North Carolina: North Carolina State Cheerleading Camps

North Carolina: Cheer LTD Summer Camps

North Carolina: Edge Cheer & Dance Camps

North Carolina: AmeriCheer Overnight Cheer Camp at Peace College

North Carolina: North Carolina State Cheerleading Camps

North Carolina: Greensboro All-Star Cheerleading Camp

North Carolina: Christian Cheerleaders of America Summer Camp

North Carolina: Carolina Legacy Cheer Camp

North Carolina: Victory Cheer Boot Camp

North Carolina: Cheer Carolina Summer Camps

North Carolina: Bulldogs Cheerleading Camp

North Carolina: Winston-Salem State University Cheerleading Camps

North Carolina: White Lightning Cheer Summer Camp

North Carolina: Charlotte Extreme Cheer Camps


Ohio: AmeriCheer Cheerleading Camps in Ohio

Ohio: Cheer Ohio Camps

Ohio: Ohio State Cheerleading Summer Camp

Ohio: Eastern Cheer & Dance Association Camps

Ohio: City of Elyria Cheerleading Camp

Ohio: City of Wyoming Cheer Camp

Ohio: University of Akron Football Camps


Oklahoma: NCA (Cheer) Leadership Camps

Oklahoma: OU Cheer Camps

Oklahoma: Edmond North Pom and Cheer Camps

Oklahoma: Jeff and Craig's Cheer Camp

Oklahoma: Norman Shock Cheer Camp

Oklahoma: Patriot Cheer Camp

Oklahoma: Tribe Cheer Summer Tumbling Camp

Oklahoma: Sooner Spirit Camp

Oklahoma: Oklahoma Christian School Cheer Camps

Oklahoma: Heritage Hall Charger Cheerleader Camp for Girls


Oregon: University of Oregon Cheerleading Camp

Oregon: USA Cheerleading Camps

Oregon: Thunder Elite Cheer Camp


Pennsylvania: UCA College Spirit Camp at University of Scranton

Pennsylvania: Jerry Preschutti's Pine Forest Cheerleading Camps

Pennsylvania: FCC Cheer Camp at Lancaster Bible College

Pennsylvania: AmeriCheer Overnight Cheer Camp at Gettysburg College

Pennsylvania: Woodward Cheer Camps

Pennsylvania: Camp Lohikan Summer Camp Cheerleading Program

Pennsylvania: Penn State Cheer Camp

Pennsylvania: Penn Manor Junior Comets Cheer Camp

Pennsylvania: Berks Youth Cheerleading Camp

Rhode Island:

Rhode Island: NCA Light the Fire Summer Camp

South Carolina:

South Carolina: St. James High School Cheer Camp

South Carolina: FCC Cheer Camp at Westminster Catawba Christian

South Carolina: Erika Goodwin's CarolinaCheer Clinic

South Carolina: The Tumble Tree Cheerleading Camps for Girls

South Carolina: Flip! Gym Cheerleading Camp

South Dakota:

South Dakota: SDSU Cheer Camp

South Dakota: South Dakota State University Cheer Camps

South Dakota: City of Worthing Cheerleading Camp

South Dakota: UCA Cheer Camps in South Dakota


Tennessee: University of Tennessee Cheer Camp

Tennessee: UCA Cheerleading Camps

Tennessee: Tennessee Tech Cheerleading & Dance Camps

Tennessee: Christian Cheerleaders of America Summer Camp


Texas: NCA (Cheer) Leadership Camps

Texas: UCS Spirit Camp at Texas State

Texas: SMASH Cheer and Dance Camps

Texas: Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders Camps

Texas: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleading Camp

Texas: Jason Witten Cheerleading Pro Camp

Texas: Cheer Bliss Cheerleading Camps

Texas: Christian Cheerleaders of America Summer Camp

Texas: Tarleton State Football Camps

Texas: Showtyme Elite Football Camp Featuring Jim Harbaugh and The Michigan Wolverine Staff


Utah: USA Cheerleading Camps

Utah: Mac's Cheer Tumbling Camp

Utah: BYU Cheerleading Camps

Utah: United Spirit Cheer & Drill Camp

Utah: Air-Bound Cheer Camp


Vermont: New Life Soccer and Cheer Camp

Vermont: Bristol Cheer Camp


Virginia: Cheer Excellence Camps

Virginia: FCC Cheer Camp at Norfolk Christian School

Virginia: AmeriCheer Overnight Cheerleading Camps in Virginia

Virginia: Roanoke County Cheerleading Camps

Virginia: Calvary Temple Church Cheerleading Camp

Virginia: Lee Franconia Cheerleading Camp

Virginia: Americheer


Washington: USA Cheerleading Camps

Washington: Redskins Cheer Camps

Washington: FCC Cheer Camp at Seattle Pacific University

Washington: Cheer Leadership Camps

Washington: All Things Cheer Miracle Ranch Resort Cheer Camp

West Virginia:

West Virginia: Flip and Cheer Camp

West Virginia: Wallkill Valley Cheer Camp


Wisconsin: UCA College Spirit Camp at U of Wisconsin

Wisconsin: Wisconsin Lutheran College Cheerleading Camp

Wisconsin: Cheer Wisconsin Camps

Wisconsin: Greendale Cheer Team Camps and Clinics

Wisconsin: Tri-County Gymnastics & Cheer Summer Camps

Wisconsin: Heat Athletics Flyer and other Cheer Camps

Wisconsin: New Berlin Eisenhower Lions 2016 Youth Cheer Camp


Wyoming: University of Wyoming Cheer Camp

Wyoming: Wyoming High School Cheerleading Camp

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