Your cheerleading uniform will says a lot about your team and what you stand for. Whatever your team's level, mission, or style, cheer uniforms are designed to be not only comfortable and functional, but also reflect the spirit and personality of your team, school or organization you support. Our mission is to help you find the look or design that's right for your team. The following questions should help you get started.

How do I select team cheerleading uniforms?

There are several things to consider when choosing the right uniforms for your cheer team:

Know your team style. Cheer teams' styles and functions vary greatly. Some cheer teams mainly support sporting events, while others compete nationally and internationally. Also, every school, club, or organization has a little different personality and set of values. Your cheerleader uniform should also reflect your team's school colors, and personality.

Consider the level and age of your team. Styles or trendy designs that look great on older cheerleaders may not be appropriate for younger age groups. Use discretion when choosing youth cheerleading uniforms, avoiding styles that are too old or glitzy for your age group; remember that cheerleading is an athletic activity and cheerleader uniforms need to be cool, comfortable, easy to move in and be age-appropriate.

Know your team rules. Every team or organization follows a little different set of rules for cheer uniforms. Some teams may have very conservative rules about team cheer uniforms, while others might have more liberal policies. Be sure and know your team, your organization or school it represents, and know the rules. For a look at some general rules for high school and collegiate cheer uniforms, see our Cheerleading Uniform Decoration Rules.

Make sure pieces coordinate. When you select cheerleading uniforms from our site, most tops and bottoms are sold separately to allow sizing flexibility, mixing and matching. It can be difficult to know whether two items are going to match colors, trimming and other design features. The item may offer suggested matches, or you can call us for suggestions or additional help. Other details, such as quantity, correct sizes, and other features you'll need to know before you order.