2017 Soccer Summer Camps

Each of these links will lead to summer soccer camps that have been scheduled for 2017. Affordable Uniforms has no affiliation whatsoever with the organizations and companies that run these camps and Affordable Uniforms does not support or recommend any of these listed camps. This list was compiled using simple internet search and suggestions from our customers. This is not a complete list of all soccer camps nationwide. If you have a volleyball camp that you would like listed, please post the camp information on the Afforable Uniforms facebook page.


Alabama: Birmingham Southern Soccer Camp

Alabama: Paul Harbin Soccer Camps

Alabama: Alabama Soccer Academy Soccer Camps

Alabama: Auburn Soccer Camps

Alabama: Peak Goalie Soccer Camp

Alabama: Preston Goldfarb's Soccer Camps


Alaska: Cook Inlet Soccer Club Soccer Camps


Arizona: English Soccer Experience Soccer Camps

Arizona: Arizona Pro Soccer Camp

Arizona: Sun Devils Soccer Camp

Arizona: Arizona Soccer Camp

Arizona: Nike Soccer Camp Rancho Solano Preparatory School

Arizona: Az Soccer Camp


Arkansas: John Brown University Golden Eagle Soccer Academy Boys Residential Camp

Arkansas: ODP Academy Soccer Camp

Arkansas: Arkansas (Razorbacks) Soccer Camps

Arkansas: UCA Soccer Academy Boys Soccer Camp

Arkansas: UCA Soccer Academy Girls Soccer Camp

Arkansas: Arkansas Soccer Club Soccer Camps

Arkansas: Red Wolves Soccer Camps

Arkansas: North Arkansas Soccer Association

Arkansas: Dutch Soccer School


California: Bronco's Boys Soccer Day Camps

California: Bronco's Boys Soccer Residential Camps

California: Bronco's Girls' Soccer Camp

California: Johnny Torres Soccer Academy (Creighton U) Camps

California: No.1 Soccer Camps Claremont, California

California: No.1 Soccer Camps Turlock, CA

California: One Soccer Schools Camps

California: University of California Girls Soccer Camps

California: University of California Mens Soccer Camps

California: World Cup Soccer Camps

California: Two Rivers Soccer Camps

California: Coast to Coast Summer Soccer Camps

California: EPL Soccer Camps

California: Santa Cruz Soccer Camp

California: Bear Valley Soccer Camp

California: Oaks Soccer Camp for Boys and Girls

California: USF Girls Soccer Camps

California: USF Boys Soccer Camps

California: University of San Diego Multi-Sports Camps

California: University of San Diego Boys Soccer Camps

California: UC Irvine Soccer Camps

California: So Cal Boys Soccer Camps at UCR

California: Sacramento State Hornet Boys Soccer Camps

California: Sacramento State Girl's Soccer Camps

California: Malibu Soccer Academy at Pepperdine U Soccer Camps

California: Long Beach State Soccer Camps

California: Highlander Girls Soccer Camps at UCR

California: Nike Vogelsinger Soccer Academy at UC Santa Barbara

California: Nike Soccer Camp UC Santa Cruz

California: Nike Aztec Soccer Academy San Diego State University

California: Fiona's Soccer Camp San Domenico School

California: ESL Language and Nike Soccer Camp at the San Domenico School

California: Nike Soccer Camp William Jessup University

California: The Soccer Academy

California: Nike Cal Soccer Academy and Camps

California: ELS Language and Nike Soccer Camp at the San Domenico School

California: Nike Soccer Camp Irvine Valley College

California: Fiona's Soccer Camp Novato

California: Fiona's Soccer Camp Fairfax

California: Nike Vogelsinger Soccer Academy at UC Santa Barbara

California: Nike Soccer Camp Francis Parker School


Colorado: Colorado Academy Sports Camps (Inc. Baseball, Basketball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Martial Arts, Volleyball)

Colorado: Dawson School Soccer Camps

Colorado: No.1 Soccer Camps Colorado Springs

Colorado: Steamboat Soccer Academy High School/College Soccer Camp

Colorado: Steamboat Soccer Academy Youth Player Development Camp

Colorado: U.S. Air Force Academy Soccer Camp

Colorado: Rocky Mountain Soccer Camps

Colorado: Mavericks Soccer Camps for Boys

Colorado: CMU Mavericks Soccer Camps for Girl's


Connecticut: ECSA Soccer Camp 2012

Connecticut: No.1 Soccer Camps Connecticut

Connecticut: Soccer Extreme Soccer Camps

Connecticut: Victory Soccer School 2012 Camps

Connecticut: Women's College Prep Soccer Camp at Wesleyan U

Connecticut: East Coast Soccer Academy Soccer Camps

Connecticut: Chelsea Piers Connecticut

Connecticut: Nike Boys Soccer Camp Sacred Heart University

Connecticut: Nike Girls Soccer Camp Sacred Heart University

Connecticut: NE Revolution Academy Soccer Camp


Delaware: Wilmington Montessori School Soccer Camp

Delaware: Delaware Soccer Camps (at U of Delaware)

Delaware: Kirkwood Soccer Club Soccer Camps

Delaware: Middle States Soccer Camp

Delaware: Spartan Soccer Camps


Florida: Calloway Youth Soccer Challenger Sports Soccer Camps

Florida: Central Florida Soccer Academy 2012 Camps

Florida: Complete Soccer Academy 2012 Camps

Florida: Georgia Kiefer's USF Soccer Camps

Florida: No.1 Soccer Camps Florida

Florida: EPL Soccer Camps

Florida: Florida Gulf Coast University Soccer Camps

Florida: Florida Atlantic University Soccer Camps

Florida: Nike Boys Soccer Camp at Tiger Town

Florida: Nike Boys Soccer Camp Southeastern University

Florida: Nike Girls Soccer Camp Southeastern University

Florida: ELS Language and Nike Soccer Camp-Florida International University

Florida: MBSC and Nike Soccer Camp Florida International University

Florida: Training for the Serious Player


Georgia: Coastal Carolina Soccer Academy & Camps

Georgia: Emory Boys Soccer Camps

Georgia: Emory Girls Soccer Camps

Georgia: Georgia Soccer Camp (Day Camp)

Georgia: Georgia Soccer Camp Lil Kickers Camp

Georgia: Georgia Soccer Camp Residential 1

Georgia: Georgia Soccer Camp Residential II

Georgia: No.1 Soccer Camps Georgia

Georgia: First Choice Soccer Camps

Georgia: Georgia Southern Soccer Academy Camps

Georgia: Gordon State College Soccer Camp

Georgia: Nike Boys Soccer Camp Berry College

Georgia: British Soccer Camp


Hawaii: Seabury Hall Soccer Camp

Hawaii: Hawaii Street Soccer I Got Skills Camp

Hawaii: Hawaii Pacific University Athletics College ID Camps


Idaho: Idaho State Soccer Camps

Idaho: Boise State Soccer Camp

Idaho: NW Premier Soccer Academy Soccer Camps


Illinois: Drew Roff's Redbird Soccer Camp

Illinois: No.1 Soccer Camps Illinois

Illinois: Northwestern Boys Soccer Academy 2012 Camps

Illinois: Challenger Sports British Soccer Camp

Illinois: UIC Soccer Camp

Illinois: University of Illinois Soccer Camps

Illinois: NU Boys Soccer Camps

Illinois: NU Girls Soccer Camps

Illinois: Nike Boys Elite 150 Total Player Development Camp at Elmhurst College

Illinois: Nike Girls Elite 150 Total Player Development Camp at Elmhurst College

Illinois: Nike Soccer Camp Elmhurst College


Indiana: Butler Athletics Sports Camps (baseball, basketball, football, soccer, softball, swimming, volleyball)

Indiana: Indiana Hoosiers Sports Camps soccer, volleyball, baseball, diving, basketball, swimming, softball, football)

Indiana: Indiana Soccer Camps

Indiana: Notre Dame Boys Soccer Camps

Indiana: Notre Dame Girls Soccer Camps

Indiana: Anderson Soccer Camps


Iowa: Iowa City Alliance Soccer Club Camps

Iowa: Iowa State University Soccer Camps

Iowa: Des Moines Menace Soccer Camp

Iowa: Luther College Soccer Camps

Iowa: Simpson Soccer Camp

Iowa: Bulldog Soccer Academy Soccer Camps

Iowa: University of Iowa Girls Soccer Camps

Iowa: Iowa Sports Camps Elite Soccer Camp

Iowa: Northwestern College Soccer Camps

Iowa: Nike Soccer Camp Upper Iowa University


Kansas: Goal for Goal Soccer Camps

Kansas: Sporting Kansas Boys & Girls Soccer Development Camp

Kansas: Sporting Kansas City Pre-Tryout Soccer Camp

Kansas: Sporting Kansas City Soccer Camps

Kansas: Sunflower Soccer Association Summer Soccer Camps

Kansas: University of Kansas Soccer Camps

Kansas: VGB Sports Day Soccer Camps

Kansas: VGB Sports Residential Soccer Camps

Kansas: Victory Soccer Camp

Kansas: Cliff Brown Soccer Camps

Kansas: Blue Valley Soccer Camps

Kansas: Bishop Ward Soccer Camp


Kentucky: Louisville Boy's Soccer Summer Camps

Kentucky: Louisville Girl's Soccer Summer Camps

Kentucky: Kentucky Youth Soccer Association Camps

Kentucky: Hiilltopper Soccer Academy Soccer Camps

Kentucky: University of Kentucky Soccer Camps

Kentucky: Eastern Kentucky Soccer Camps


Louisiana: LSU Tigers Soccer Camps

Louisiana: Louisiana Soccer Academy Camps

Louisiana: Eurotech Soccer World Soccer Camp at Louisiana-Nicholls State University

Louisiana: LC Wildcats Soccer Camps

Louisiana: Jared Montz Soccer Camp

Louisiana: Just 4 Kicks Soccer Camp


Maine: All-Star Soccer Summer Camp

Maine: Maine Premier Soccer Camps

Maine: Colby College Soccer Camp

Maine: Seacoast United Maine Soccer Camp

Maine: Bridgton Sports Camp Soccer

Maine: Dutch Soccer Academy

Maine: Footskills Soccer Camp

Maine: University of Southern Maine Soccer Camps

Maine: Husson University Soccer Camps

Maine: UMaine Girl's Soccer Camp


Maryland: Bar-T Mountainside Soccer Camp

Maryland: Montgomery Soccer Academy Summer Camp

Maryland: No.1 Soccer Camps Bethesda, MD

Maryland: No.1 Soccer Camps Maryland

Maryland: Ocean City Soccer Camp

Maryland: Rockville SportsPlex Soccer Camps

Maryland: Georgetown International Youth Soccer Summer Camps

Maryland: Rob Ryerson Professional Soccer Camp

Maryland: Soccer Star Summer Camps

Maryland: Terps Soccer Camps for Girls

Maryland: Sasho Circovski's Maryland Boys Soccer Camp

Maryland: Smarter Team Training

Maryland: Nike Girls Soccer Camp Goucher College

Maryland: Dutch Soccer School


Massachusetts: Beaver Summer Programs Tri-Star Soccer Camp

Massachusetts: Belmont Hill School Boys' Camps (Baseball, basketball, lacrosse, soccer)

Massachusetts: Belmont Hill School Girls' Camps (basketball, lacrosse, soccer)

Massachusetts: Berkshire Soccer Academy for Girls

Massachusetts: Holy Cross Camps (baseball, soccer, basketball, football, lacrosse, volleyball)

Massachusetts: Holy Cross Camps (baseball, soccer, basketball, football, lacrosse, volleyball)

Massachusetts: Mass Premier Soccer Camps

Massachusetts: No.1 Soccer Camps Massachusetts

Massachusetts: Soccer Plus Day Academy

Massachusetts: Matz Soccer Academy Camps

Massachusetts: Massachusetts Soccer Academy Camps

Massachusetts: Nike Vogelsinger Soccer Academy at the Brooks School

Massachusetts: MB Sports and Nike Soccer Camp Curry College

Massachusetts: Nike Vogelsinger Soccer Academy at the Brooks School


Michigan: Saginaw Valley State University Boys Soccer Camps

Michigan: Saginaw Valley State University Girls Soccer Camps

Michigan: Sauk Valley Resort Andy Wagstaff Soccer Academy

Michigan: The Hope Soccer Camp

Michigan: University of Michigan Boys Soccer Camps

Michigan: University of Michigan Girls Soccer Camps

Michigan: Eastside Soccer Camp

Michigan: MSU Soccer Camps

Michigan: Central Michigan University Soccer Camps

Michigan: University of Oakland Soccer Camps


Minnesota: College of St. Benedict Soccer Camps

Minnesota: FootHolde Soccer Camps

Minnesota: GT Soccer The Edge Soccer Camp

Minnesota: Gustie Soccer Camps

Minnesota: Sheila McGill Soccer Camps

Minnesota: University of Minnesota Bulldogs Soccer Camps

Minnesota: Bethel Soccer Camps

Minnesota: North Soccer Camp

Minnesota: North Soccer Camp


Mississippi: Southern Miss Soccer Camps

Mississippi: Mississippi State Soccer Camp

Mississippi: Mississippi Brilla FC Ministry Soccer Camps

Mississippi: Ole Miss Soccer Camps

Mississippi: SMSC 2012 International Soccer Summer Clinic

Mississippi: WCU Youth Soccer Camps

Mississippi: Nike Soccer Camp University of Mississippi


Missouri: Joe Clarke Washington University in St. Louis Soccer Day Camps

Missouri: Joe Clarke Washington University in St. Louis Soccer Specialty Camps

Missouri: Victory Soccer Camp

Missouri: Global Sports International College Showcase Soccer Camp

Missouri: CMC Soccer Camp LLC

Missouri: U of Central Missouri Jennies Soccer Camps

Missouri: Missouri State Soccer Camps

Missouri: Mizzou Tigers Soccer Camps

Multiple Locations:

Multiple Areas: AYSO American Canyon 1187 Soccer Camp

Multiple Areas: US Sports Institute Soccer Camp

Multiple Locations: Nike Soccer Camps

Multiple Locations: Callaghan's English Soccer Camps

Multiple Locations: Challenger Sports Camps


Montana: Livingston Youth Soccer Camp

Montana: Flathead Soccer Camp

Montana: FC Missoula Challenger Soccer Camp

Montana: University of Montana Grizzly Soccer Academy Camp

Montana: Montana State University Billings Co-Ed Soccer Camps


Nebraska: Creighton Soccer Academy Boys Camps

Nebraska: Bulldog Soccer Academy Camps

Nebraska: Nebraska Soccer Summer Camps

Nebraska: Bruce Erickson Soccer Creighton University Girls Soccer Camps

Nebraska: Nebraska Huskers Soccer Camps

Nebraska: NWU Soccer Camps


Nevada: U.K International Soccer Camps

Nevada: University of Nevada Wolf Pack Soccer Camps

Nevada: UNLV Soccer Camps

Nevada: AYSO Soccer Camps

New Hampshire:

New Hampshire: No.1 Soccer Camps New Hampshire

New Hampshire: Soccer Academies 2012 at Dartmouth College Day Camp

New Hampshire: Soccer Academies 2012 at Dartmouth College Residential Camp

New Hampshire: University of New Hampshire Girls Overnight Soccer Camp

New Hampshire: University of New Hampshire Boys Soccer Camp

New Jersey:

New Jersey: McLoughlin Soccer - New Jersey Professional Soccer School Camps

New Jersey: Professional Sports Camps Soccer Camp

New Jersey: SMG SportsPlex Soccer Camps

New Jersey: South Jersey Elite Barons Soccer Academy Camps

New Jersey: Rovers International Soccer Camps

New Jersey: Dave Masur St. John's Soccer Camps in Montclair

New Jersey: Rider University Premier Soccer Camps

New Jersey: Chyzowych Soccer Camp

New Jersey: Nike Vogelsinger Soccer Academy at the Lawrenceville School

New Jersey: Nike Vogelsinger Soccer Academy at the Lawrenceville School

New Mexico:

New Mexico: Albuquerque Soccer Academy Soccer Camps

New Mexico: Lobo Women's Soccer Academy Camps

New Mexico: Rio Soccer Club Camps

New Mexico: Goals Soccer Camps

New Mexico: Manzano Mini-Monarch Summer Soocer Camp

New York:

New York: Army Soccer Camp for Boys

New York: Army Soccer Camp for Girls

New York: Cornell University Sports School Soccer Camps

New York: Future Stars Soccer Camp

New York: Hartwick Sports Camps (Need to Apply) (Basketball, Swimming, Soccer)

New York: Syracuse University Boys Soccer Camp (Ages 10-19)

New York: Syracuse University Boys Soccer Camp (Ages 6-12)

New York: The Central New York Family Sports Centre Sports Camps (soccer, lacrosse, baseball)

New York: Dave Masur St. John's Soccer Camps

New York: Stony Brook University Girls Soccer Camps

New York: Stony Brook University Boys Soccer Camps

New York: Niagara University Soccer Camps

New York: Coney Island Cyclones

New York: Lake Placid Soccer Centre

New York: Cortland Red Dragons Girls Soccer Camp

North Carolina:

North Carolina: Seahawk Boys Soccer Camps

North Carolina: Carolina Dynamo All-Star Summer Soccer Day Camps

North Carolina: Charlotte Boys Soccer Academy Camps

North Carolina: Charlotte Girls Soccer Academy Camps

North Carolina: Davidson Soccer Training Camps

North Carolina: Duke's Men's Soccer Camps for Boys

North Carolina: East Carolina Soccer Camps

North Carolina: Ralph Lundy Soccer Academy Camps at Christ School

North Carolina: North Carolina Girls Soccer Camps

North Carolina: Western Carolina Soccer Camps

North Carolina: Tony da Luz Wake Forest Soccer Camps

North Carolina: North Carolina State Soccer Prospect Camp

North Carolina: North Carolina State Girls Soccer Camps

North Carolina: North Carolina State Boys Soccer Camps

North Carolina: Jay Vidovich Soccer Camps at Wake Forest University

North Carolina: Duke Soccer School for Girls

North Carolina: FC Barcelona

North Carolina: Italian Lazio Soccer Camp

North Dakota:

North Dakota: North Dakota State University Soccer Camps

North Dakota: Fargo Soccer Club


Ohio: Camp Frederick British Soccer Camp

Ohio: No.1 Soccer Camps Ohio

Ohio: Heather Mitts Pro Camps

Ohio: Ohio University Soccer Camps

Ohio: Great Lakes Soccer Academy Soccer Camps

Ohio: University of Dayton Soccer Camps

Ohio: OSYSA Summer Soccer Training Camp

Ohio: Fundamental Soccer Camps

Ohio: Ohio South Youth Soccer Association

Ohio: Dr. Jay Martin's Super Soccer Boys Camp at Ohio Wesleyan U

Ohio: Barnes Soccer Academy Girls Soccer Camp

Ohio: Miami University Soccer Camp for Girls

Ohio: Wright State Boys Soccer Academy Camps

Ohio: University of Toledo Rockets Soccer Camps

Ohio: Pat Ferguson Soccer Camps for Girls

Ohio: Elite 11 Soccer Camp

Ohio: FC Barcelona

Ohio: Nike Soccer Camp Cleveland State University

Ohio: Dutch Soccer School

Ohio: Elite 11 Soccer Camps


Oklahoma: Mac's National Soccer Camps

Oklahoma: Oklahoma State University Soccer Camps

Oklahoma: OU Matt Potter Soccer Camps

Oklahoma: Oklahoma Baptist Bison Soccer Camps


Oregon: Concordia University Sports Camps (basketball, soccer, softball, volleyball)

Oregon: No.1 Soccer Camps Portland

Oregon: University of Oregon Soccer Camps

Oregon: Nike Boys Soccer Camp Willamette University

Oregon: Nike Girls Soccer Camp Willamette University


Pennsylvania: Elite 300 Soccer Academy 2012 Camps

Pennsylvania: International Sports Camp (Soccer)

Pennsylvania: No.1 Soccer Camps Chester, PA

Pennsylvania: No.1 Soccer Camps Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania: One on One Soccer Camp

Pennsylvania: The 422 SportsPlex Soccer Camp

Pennsylvania: United Sports Co-Ed Soccer Camps

Pennsylvania: CSI 2012 College Soccer ID Camp

Pennsylvania: Villanova Girls Soccer Academy Camps

Pennsylvania: Villanova Boys Soccer Camps

Pennsylvania: Shaler Soccer Club Soccer Camps

Pennsylvania: Nike Soccer Camp Maplezone Sports Institute

Pennsylvania: Hare Goalkeeper Academy Camps

Pennsylvania: Future 500 ID Camps

Rhode Island:

Rhode Island: Rhode Island Soccer Academy

Rhode Island: NOGA Soccer Camps

Rhode Island: Rhode Island Elite Soccer Academy

Rhode Island: Brown Soccer Camps for Boys

Rhode Island: Phil Pincince's Brown Soccer School for Girls

Rhode Island: PROformance Soccer Academy

Rhode Island: Bayside United Soccer Club Camps

Rhode Island: Summer Camp RI Soccer Skills Camp

South Carolina:

South Carolina: Clemson Women's Soccer Academy Camps

South Carolina: Mark Berson's Carolina Boy's Soccer Camps

South Carolina: Mike Noonan's Clemson Tiger Soccer Camps

South Carolina: No.1 Soccer Camps South Carolina

South Carolina: Ralph Lundy Soccer Academy 2012 Camps

South Carolina: Soccer Academy at Furman University Camps

South Carolina: Warren Turner Soccer Academy at Erskine College

South Carolina: Italian Lazio Soccer Camp

South Carolina: University of South Carolina Pacer Soccer School

South Dakota:

South Dakota: South Dakota State University Soccer Camps

South Dakota: South Dakota Soccer Camps

South Dakota: Augustana Soccer Camps

South Dakota: Dakota Alliance Soccer Club

South Dakota: WatertownYouth Soccer Association Camps

South Dakota: Dakota Wesleyan University Soccer Camps

South Dakota: Nike Soccer Camp at Dakota Wesleyan


Tennessee: No.1 Soccer Camps Tennessee

Tennessee: Bison Soccer Camps

Tennessee: <a href="http://www.maryvilles