The uniforms worn by Major League Baseball Teams have changed drastically over the years. Over the years they have adopted from simple wool uniforms to now-a-days mass-produced league brand clothing made of synthetic polyester. Every major league baseball team has a uniform design and the color scheme is the same throughout the league.

One of the most basic things that all major league baseball uniforms are designed for the players' legs. The uniforms must fit well, but not tight. The legs must be able to move without discomfort, but not pinch the player's feet while wearing their uniforms. They must also fit the width of the player's feet, since the wide-leg pants are designed to help shorten the legs and keep them in line as the uniform is worn.

For many fans of major league baseball uniforms, a favorite is the white flannel shirts. These shirts come in several different styles, including short sleeves and long sleeves. The shirts are available in plain white, navy blue, or red and black. Some teams may have alternate styles such as white polo shirts instead of white flannel shirts.

Other items of major league baseball uniforms are the batting helmet and the MLB jerseys itself. Both of these accessories come in a variety of colors and styles. Most teams will have their own logo on the helmet and the jersey is either white or a solid color. Fans will wear pins or sometimes even wrist bands to support their favorite team. The home jersey is usually the same as the away jersey, but the away jersey may include additional embellishments such as a catcher's mask or a logo on the front flap of the jersey.

Another popular accessory that fans will wear is the baseball pants. Major League baseball teams all have their own uniforms for the field, but they also provide fans with a nice option for home and away games. The pants for both the home and away team are the same except for the number of knee patches that each team has. Away uniforms usually have a darker stripe or patch on the left leg just below the knee, while home uniforms have lighter stripes. A favorite among baseball fans is the katydiska, which is a short-sleeved uniform worn during the season.

Major League baseball uniforms and jerseys have undergone several major changes over the years. The years have seen a new introduction of shorter uniforms, which are much easier to store and quick to put on. The new styles include stripes, pom-poms, and throwback jerseys. The change to black and white uniforms that occurred around the 1970s introduced a classic look that is still popular today. The colors have remained consistent for the better part of the tenures of the two franchises.