Most people have a favorite NBA team and want to think everything about their team is positive. Have you ever thought about the uniform of your favorite team and if it is the most liked uniform in the NBA? Maybe you don’t even care how your team’s uniform ranks among all the other teams in the NBA, but it may interest you. Personally I don’t like where ranked my favorite team, the Phoenix Suns, but it is what it is.

A lot of detail goes into customizing a uniform of any kind so to be ranked last has to be a punch in the gut to whoever customized the thirtieth ranked uniform. On the other hand, being ranked number one has to make someone feel pretty darn good. I have to say the team that was ranked number one I actually agree it is a pretty nice looking uniform. Maybe after reading the list you will get some ideas on how to create your uniform when you want to get a customized sublimated uniform for your team. It does not take very much to get a customized uniform created for your team. The hardest part is probably trying to pick the colors you want. When you work with an online supplier of customized or sublimated uniforms the only thing you really need to know is the color you want because most of the time the company you go with has a designer that can help you create what you have in mind so you don’t even have to have a design created beforehand. Just tell your online representative what you are looking for and they can help you create something.

Also, when you create a sublimated uniform the pattern never goes away as opposed to when you get a uniform off the shelf and decorate it. If the vendor discontinues that uniform you have to start all over with a different type of uniform. However, when you get a sublimated uniform, that design is for life so you can add members to your team and just add a uniform here and there.

So let’s get to that list. The team that is ranked thirtieth according to is the Sacramento Kings. If you look at the purple and black they just don’t seem to go together and the “G” that is on the shirt? Well you decide. The list from there goes; (29) New Orleans Pelicans, (28) Minnesota Timberwolves, (27) Orlando Magic, too much going on with that uniform, (26) Dallas Mavericks, mainly for their away uniform, (25) Houston Rockets, (24) Phoenix Suns, the two color collar is just not right, (23) Atlanta Hawks, (22) Milwaukee Bucks, (21) Toronto Raptors, (20) Denver Nuggets, I personally like the color of this uniform but they rank it at twenty mainly due to the lack of design on the jersey. (19) Cleveland Cavaliers, not because of the color but because of not using the name of their team, Cavaliers, to their advantage in decorating their shirt such as using sword or cavalier type thing across the front of the jersey. (18) Detroit Pistons, (17)Indiana Pacers, (16) Los Angeles Clippers, (15) Memphis Grizzlies, (14) Philadelphia 76ers, (13) Chicago Bulls (12) Charlotte Hornets, I actually really like these uniforms (11) New York Knicks, (10) Brooklyn Nets (9) Miami Heat, (8) Utah Jazz, (7) Oklahoma City Thunder, (6) Washington Wizards, (5) Portland Trail Blazers, (4) Los Angeles Lakers.

Now for the top three NBA uniforms; (3) San Antonio Spurs, you have to admit whoever came up with the design of using a spur for the letter “U” was pretty creative. (2) Boston Celtics, although this uniform doesn’t have a logo the green and white color that was used was enough for this uniform. Also, adding a shamrock on the waist band of the shorts was a nice touch, and the number one NBA team uniform according to………. the Golden State Warriors. I have to completely agree with this. The design of the Bay Bridge was ingenious and having the lettering go around the logo along with the color scheme put the finishing touches on this number one rated uniform.

P.A. McDaniel